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YarKom Company offers its clients all-round logistic silutions of any difficulty. We offer simple and structured answers to difficult questions.

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Груз. Транспорт. Перевозки. Грузоперевозки

International economic services

Our company offers a complex support of external economic activity in the following directions:

  •  Consulting on external economic activity;
  •  Development and checking of foreign trade contracts; 
  •  Serving external economic bargains; 
  •  Expert examination of foreign trade contracts;
  • Assistance at working up the foreign trade contracts;
  • Assistance and choose an optimal form of payments; 
  • Assistance at working up and checking letters of credit;
  • Optimization of financial flows while carrying out foreign trade bargains;
  • Preparation of a complete document package for external economic activity.

Limited company YarKom is a young team of professionals in the sphere of external economic activity and logistics. YarKom Company was founded in 2007 by a group of specialists in different fields of logistics and external economics. ...


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