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YarKom Company offers its clients all-round logistic silutions of any difficulty. We offer simple and structured answers to difficult questions.

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Груз. Транспорт. Перевозки. Грузоперевозки


Concluding foreign and inner bargains and also cargo's moving and its assembling is connected to getting different certificates and permission papers. To provide our clients with all services, connected to bargains and goods' moving we execute:

  • A complete set of documents preparation and getting all-Union State Standard certificates (of all kinds);
  • Preparation of a complete set of documents and getting sanitary certificates;
  • Documents preparation and getting GosGorTehnadzor permission (state municipal technical inspectorate);
  • Receiving permission documents and consulting on them.

Limited company YarKom is a young team of professionals in the sphere of external economic activity and logistics. YarKom Company was founded in 2007 by a group of specialists in different fields of logistics and external economics. ...


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